In Serbia the advantages of the BRDM-2MS were appreciated
Wednesday, 09 October 2019 12:56


In Serbia the Russian present was highly appreciated – the newest modification of armor reconnaissance and patrol vehicle BRDM-2MS.

The RTS channel shot a report about this vehicle, actions of which are taking place at one of the landfills. It is shown how BRDM use weapons: a 14.5-mm KPVT machine gun and coaxial with it a 7.62-mm PKTM.

Much attention is paid to internal equipment, in particular, an improved fire control system, which allows you to detect the enemy at a distance of up to 5,000 meters during the day and up to 3,500 meters at night. There is a complex of satellite navigation, all-round cameras.

New mounted armor provides good protection. It withstands 14.5 mm bullets in the forehead, and sides - from 12.7 mm. Strengthened and mine resistance.

Weight - 6 900 kg. Diesel engine power - 150 hp. The maximum speed on the highway is 100 km / h. Power reserve- 1,500 kilometers.

Military experts consider this modernized version of the famous BRDM the best from all of available.



Self-propelled installations "Phlox" and "Drok"
Friday, 04 October 2019 16:19

Contracts for the supply to the Armed Forces of the latest self-propelled 82-mm mortars "Drok" and self-propelled artillery 120-mm guns "Phlox" have already been signed. This was announced on October 1, 2019 in an interview with TASS by the special representative of “Uralvagonzavod” for military-technical cooperation, Army General Alexey Maslov.

“The Phlox self-propelled gun mount and the Drok mortar, developed by order of the Russian Ministry of Defense as part of the Sketch project, are at the final stage of preliminary tests, -  said A. Maslov –– Everything is going according to plan. There is a contract for their serial production”.



Self-propelled gun "Phlox"


The 120-mm Phlox gun was mounted on the basis of the “Ural-4320” army armored car with      a 6 × 6 wheel arrangement. The gun was first presented to the public at the forum “Army 2016”. The main feature of the new Self-propelled artillery is a combined semi-automatic rifled gun, which provides firing with all types of mortar mines and shells with ready-to-cut rifles. The gun can shoot like a howitzer and mortar, and can also be used when shooting direct fire.


Self-propelled complex "Drok" created on the basis of an armored vehicle "Typhoon-Airborne." The mortar can fire by conventional 82-mm ammunition, as well as by new mines with increased power and range. Allowed shooting from the fighting compartment of the machine and from the ground.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation previously reported that state tests of the Drok mobile mortar will be held in 2019.


Source: https://военное.рф/2019/Гособоронзаказ54/


Kazakhstan and Russia strengthen military-technical cooperation
Monday, 30 September 2019 16:32

The 17th meeting of the Sub-Commission on Military-Technical Cooperation of the Intergovernmental Commission on Cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation was held in Nur-Sultan.

From the Kazakhstan’s side, Vice-Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Talgat Zhanzhumenov chaired, from the Russian - Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia Vladimir Drozhzhov.

«First of all, the pace of our work is determined by the understanding of the closeness of our peoples, the activities of the Heads and governments of our states aimed at developing integration in the political and economic spheres», - T.Zhanzhumenov emphasized opening the meeting.

Also, the work of the Sub-Commission was attended by representatives of state bodies and leading defense enterprises of the two states, such as JSC «Petropavlovsk Heavy Engineering Plant», JSC «Aircraft Repair Plant No. 405», LLP «Kazakhstan Aviation Industry», JSC «West Kazakhstan Machine Building Company», JSC «Semey Engineering», JSC «Tynys», LLP «Paramount Kazakhstan Engineering», JSC «Ural Plant «Zenit», JSC «Machine-Building Plant named after S.M. Kirov», JSC «Rosoboronexport», JSC «Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG», JSC «Russian Helicopters», JSC «Almaz-Antey» Air and Space Defense Corporation, PJSC «UAC»(United Aircraft Corporation), JSC «Scientific Production Corporation «Uralvagonzavod» and others.

During the negotiations, the parties discussed about 50 issues of current and future bilateral cooperation in the military-technical sphere, including issues of mutual supplies, joint production, as well as the localization of certain types of production in Kazakhstan. The successful development in our country of joint projects for the localization of repair production and maintenance of anti-aircraft missile systems, Mi-type helicopters for civil and military purposes, as well as armored vehicles was noted.

Kazakhstan and Russia agreed to continue the practice of creating joint ventures for the production, repair and maintenance of high-tech weapons and military equipment, both for their own law enforcement agencies and for export to third countries.

Following the meeting, a decision was made to study the issue of expanding the powers of the Sub-Commission and the creation of an intergovernmental Kazakh-Russian commission on military-technical cooperation.



Uzbekistan bought Russian "Tiger" armored vehicles
Monday, 01 July 2019 15:04

Модернизированный бронеавтомобиль ВПК-233136 «Тигр»


June 25, 2019 The Armed Forces of Uzbekistan purchased a batch of Russian “Tiger” multi-purpose armored vehicles. It is reported by TASS at the Fifth International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2019".

According to the agency, it was acquired "several dozen" armored vehicles VPK-233136 "Tiger" in a special configuration.

Cars refined at the request of special units of Uzbekistan. In particular, additional doors were equipped in the armored case, protective grilles were mounted on all windows, and an infrared illuminator and collapsible armor protection around the front and rear hatches were installed on the roof, the source said, adding that “Tiger” was armed with a machine gun PKM in this configuration of 7.62 mm caliber in open setting.

Also, the source stressed that these "Tigers" had time to recommend themselves on the positive side. The machine can perform all tasks assigned to special forces and literally serve as their home. Not every armored car is capable of such, the source stressed. It is noted that the average cost of "Tiger" is 160 thousand US dollars.

Reference: VPK-233136 "Tiger" is intended for the transportation of personnel, various cargoes on public roads and over rough terrain, use as a vehicle and operational-service vehicle during counter-terrorist operations, operations to curb riots, to protect the crew and personnel from firearms and shrapnel ammunition and explosive devices. In addition, the machine can be used for the installation of special tools and equipment.



$ 578 million US dollars accounted for the total economic effect of digitalization in Kazakhstan in 2018
Monday, 17 June 2019 12:49

This became known during the international conference "IDC CIO Summit 2019", which takes place these days in the capital of Kazakhstan.

As the vice-minister of digital development, defense and aerospace industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ablaykhan Ospanov, said that this was possible thanks to the state program Digital Kazakhstan in the country since 2018, speaking at the opening ceremony of the conference. Thus, as part of the digitization of economic sectors, today projects are being implemented to introduce innovative technologies at the enterprises of the mining and metallurgical complex and oil refineries. The project “Intellectual field” was scaled; work is underway to create 7 model digital factories.

Another area that is actively developing in the framework of the digitization of the economy and the creation of an innovation ecosystem is the sphere of e-commerce. In 2018 in Kazakhstan, the volume of trade in this area increased by 1.5 times, exceeding $ 700 million, and amounted to 2.9% of the total retail trade.

“The success of the digital transformation of any enterprise requires an effective strategy and the introduction of digital technologies and innovations. This task falls to the CIO, the person responsible for both integration with global digitalization processes and business processes within individual enterprises. To speed up digital transformations, it is important to involve the entire top management of a company or organization in joint activities, to develop partnerships at the regional level, including through expanding ties between digital leaders and establishing communications at such sites”, - said Ablaykhan Ospanov.

According to the organizers of the «IDC CIO Summit 2019», by 2020, 30% of global companies will allocate 10% of their income to digital transformations, treating them as a long-term investment, which emphasizes the significance of these changes at the strategic management level and the impact on sustainable development.



The global series of IDC conferences annually gathers specialists to discuss current tasks of ensuring information security and the development of IT infrastructure in enterprises.

CIO (Chief Information Officer) - Chief Information Officer, Informatization Manager - an employee of a high-ranking company responsible for introducing new technologies, managing information resources. The most closely related to this concept in Russian are the definitions of IT director, head of IT department.



Military helicopters N-145M plan to produce in Kazakhstan
Tuesday, 11 June 2019 17:42


This became known during the VIII meeting of the Kazakh-French commission on cooperation in the field of weapons. The construction of military helicopters will be established on the basis of «Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering» LLP. Note that so far military helicopters have not been produced in Kazakhstan. In addition, this production will be the only one in Central Asia - in this regard, on the basis of this enterprise, it is planned to conduct servicing of helicopters of this class, including those in service with other states in the region.

The main focus of the meeting was on increasing investment and technology transfer for the production of promising types of weapons and military equipment in the interests of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan and third countries.

The Commission, chaired by Talgat Zhanzhumenov, First Vice-Minister of Digital Development, Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was attended by representatives of government agencies and defense enterprises of Kazakhstan and more than ten defense companies of France, which are world leaders in the military industry: Nexter, Safran, Thales, Airbus and others. The French delegation was headed by a representative of the Ministry of the Armed Forces of France, General-Engineer for Armament Tom Lern.

Among the most important results of the two-day work, also reached agreements with Safran about assembling survey systems for Russian and European type helicopters, as well as organizing the production and service of aviation electronics for SU-30SM airplanes.

During the negotiations, particular attention was paid to the prospects for cooperation in the fields of cyber security and digital development. The parties agreed to continue expanding mutually beneficial cooperation in the military-technical sphere and attracting mutual investments.

Following the meeting of the Commission, a Protocol was signed.

Reference: «Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering» LLP is a joint venture established in April 2011, on behalf of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The helicopter assembly project is carried out on a parity basis: JSC «National Company Kazakhstan Engineering» and «Airbus Helicopters» are the only plant in the CIS on the assembly of EC145 helicopters, and the first training center with the Russian language of instruction. The aim of the joint venture of «Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering» LLP is to meet the needs of helicopters in the region, the assembly and maintenance of helicopters, as well as training of technicians and pilots.

The products of the Kazakhstan’s defense industry enterprises are presented at the exhibition as part of the Vth International Symposium of the United Nations on partnership in technology for peacekeeping
Thursday, 30 May 2019 10:30

Military equipment and weapons with the label "Made in Kazakhstan" aroused great interest among the participants of the Symposium. International experts not only inspected the finished products, but also visited Kazakhstan’s enterprises.

The theme of this year’s Symposium is “Forecast. Protection. Prevention”, the participants focused on the following topics: BigData and cybersecurity, new technologies and environmental responsibility, telemedicine, improving peacekeeping intelligence practices, countering improvised explosive devices and other threats.

The event was attended by UN Under-Secretaries-General for Peacekeeping Operations – Jean-Pierre Lacroix and field support - A. Hare, the leadership of international organizations such as the CSTO, NATO, the European Union and the African Union (UN partners in peacekeeping operations), representatives of civil society, academia. In total, the event was attended by representatives of 70 countries.

Representatives of the international community involved in UN peacekeeping, explored partnership options and held a series of talks with enterprises of the defense industry of Kazakhstan. In addition, they familiarized themselves with product samples of the domestic military industrial complex produced by 26 domestic manufacturers, both during the exhibition organized by the Ministry of digital development, defense and aerospace industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and during a visit to enterprises.The UN delegation visited the enterprise “Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering”, which fulfills the tasks of the defense industry for the production of electronic and optical products, as well as the largest enterprise in Central Asia for the production of modern armored wheeled vehicles “Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering”. As Talgat Zhanzhumenov, First Vice-Minister of the MDDDAI of the RK, noted during the visit, Kazakhstan’s enterprises of the military-industrial complex, fulfilling the tasks of providing the army and special structures with equipment and machinery, are also ready to expand the product line and are able to compete in the international equipment market and weapons.

The UN mission experts showed particular interest in armored wheeled vehicles “Arlan” and “Barys”, developed using MRAP technology (anti-mine protection technology), night-vision devices, mobile hospital / mobile medical groups systems with military technique, equipped by medical tools.

Taking into account modern trends and challenges, the participants of the Symposium also visited the international technopark of IT start-ups Astana Hub, where Askhat Orazbek, the Vice-Minister of the MDDDAI of the RK, shared Kazakhstan's experience in using BigData and cybersecurity.

Along with this, a business seminar will be held in the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty with the participation of procurement experts of the UNPD (United Nations Development Program, organizing in the UN system for rendering free and non-political assistance to Member States in the field of development). During the seminars, the UN procurement procedures, evaluation criteria and supplier registration procedures, potential defense markets will be explained to representatives of the domestic defense industry.



United Nations ready to buy military equipment and weapons of Kazakhstan for peacekeeping missions
Wednesday, 29 May 2019 10:40

Provision of military equipment and thermal imaging equipment for UN peacekeeping missions, cooperation in the field of satellite monitoring, as well as increased interaction in the field of digitalization and telemedicine. These issues were identified as priorities during the meeting of the Minister of digital development, defense and aerospace industry of Kazakhstan Askar Zhumagaliyev with the UN Under-Secretary General for Field Support Atul Hare. The meeting was also attended by the Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan to the UN, Kairat Umarov and the Permanent Representative of the UN in Kazakhstan, Shimura Norimas.

The proposal of the UN Under-Secretary General on the use of Kazakhstan’s military equipment in UN peacekeeping missions, the meeting participants welcomed, stressing that our country has significant potential and desire to strengthen cooperation in this direction.

“Today a sufficient number of enterprises producing military technique and equipment, including armored cars, helicopters, thermal imaging equipment, weapons and ammunition, operate in Kazakhstan. And we, of course, are interested in this military potential serving the cause of preserving peace”, noted Askar Zhumagaliyev.

The balanced foreign policy of our country, the significant peacemaking experience of Kazakhstan, both in the format of military missions and as a dialogue platform at the international level, is highly appreciated by the UN. Therefore, we intend to strengthen cooperation with Kazakhstan in many aspects, including at the business level. In particular, Atul Hare noted that they planned to hold business seminars for the next few days to raise awareness of entrepreneurs about participation opportunities in procurement programs conducted by the United Nations.

Note that members of a high delegation arrived in Kazakhstan to participate in
V International Symposium on Technology Partnership for Peacekeeping. The main topic of the Symposium is “Forecast. Protection. Prevention”, and it will raise issues of introducing innovative technologies for UN peacekeeping missions, the possibilities of an international partnership for those involved in peacekeeping operations and a joint study of topical issues in this area.



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