On August 14, 2018, a meeting of the National Scientific Council was held in the priority area "National Security and Defense"
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 17:15

On August 14, 2018, a meeting of the National Scientific Council in the priority area "National Security and Defense" (NSC) was held.

For the implementation of projects recognized as relevant by the decision of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MDIA of the RK), at the meeting of the NNC, funding amounts for research and scientific and technical projects of the MDAI of the RK were protected under the program-targeted and grant funding for 2019-2021 yy.

АО «ПЗТМ» развивает сотрудничество с частными компаниями
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 17:35

“Petropavlovsk Heavy Engineering Plant” (PHEP) (a subsidiary of JSC “NK Kazakhstan Engineering”) as part of expanding cooperation with private companies, carried out the installation, installation, testing and commissioning of a lifting installation for the overhaul of oil and gas wells PAP-80/100.

  The installation is designed to perform overhaul of oil and gas wells, as well as to work as part of a mobile drilling complex with a hook capacity of up to 100 tons. The product has a number of constructive advantages, including: mobility of movement, mono-mast of increased rigidity, divided assembly and working hydraulic systems, etc.

The complete production cycle of the unit, starting from the development of design documentation to commissioning, was carried out by the forces of JSC “PHEP” within the framework of the agreement concluded with LLP “AKSU DRILLING” (Aktau) for the supply of a lifting unit. For the convenience of companies operating in the fields of Kazakhstan, the company in 2018 established a representative office in Aktau.

It should be noted that in the conditions of modern market development trends, the plant is actively working to increase its customer base. Many years of production experience and technological capabilities allow the company not only to occupy existing niches, but also to expand the range of goods produced and services rendered.

In the future, the plant plans to develop work in the field of service maintenance of the oil and gas production equipment park. To extend the product life cycle, both warranty and post warranty service is provided. It is also planned to master the production of stationary drilling rigs with a lifting capacity of up to 600 tons. A service is already being carried out to replace the top equipment of the fleet of equipment of oil and gas companies of Kazakhstan.

 “Within the framework of the implementation of the Unified program of support and development of business "Business Road Map 2020", we are ready to develop cooperation with small and medium-sized businesses with the involvement of leasing financing tools through working with JSC  BRK  Leasing," said Vadim Shakshakbayev, the General Director of JSC “PHEP”.

The participation of the company in the implementation of this program will lead to the establishment of a long-term mutually beneficial partnership with new companies aimed at the development of the Kazakhstan oil and gas cluster.



JSC “Petropavlovsk Heavy Engineering Plant” is one of the largest enterprises in Kazakhstan for the manufacture of equipment for the oil and gas, oil and gas processing, petrochemical, chemical, gas, energy and railway industries based on modern technologies with 55 years of experience in production.

Military-economic cooperation of CSTO member states was discussed in Almaty
Friday, 07 September 2018 09:44

On the 7th of September 2018 in Almaty  XVI  session of  Interstate commission on military-economic cooperation of  Collective security treaty organization was held.

At the beginning of event the minister of defense and aerospace industry of the RK Beibut Atamkulov made a welcoming speech. On his report he noted, that Kazakhstan being the chairman of CSTO this year advocates for the improvement of the legal and regulatory base and for increase of international status of organization.

At the session were participated the following persons: the Deputy Secretary General of CSTO V.Semerikov, Deputy Minister of industry and trade of RF O. Ryazancev, Deputy Director of Federal service on military-technical cooperation of Russia V. Drozhzhov, Deputy Chairman of State military-technical committee of Belarus D. Pantus, Deputy Minister of defense of Armenia D. Pahchanyan, Deputy chairman of stae committee of industry, power engineering and subsoil use of Kyrgyzstan A. Orozbekov.

During the meeting participants of session considered issues of development of military-economic and military-technical cooperation. Measures on providing of security and increase of defensive capacity of state-members of organization were discussed.

Parties agreed to continue the joint work in the frame of interstate commission on military-economic cooperation CSTO.

At the end of session an appropriate protocol was signed.


For Reference:

Interstate commission on military-economic cooperation CSTO was created by the decision of the council of collective security of CSTO on the 23th of June 2005.

One of the main functions of the commission is defined the making recommendations and taking decisions, aimed for providing of multilateral military-economic (technical) cooperation on prospective directions of interaction: Development and realization of long-term programs of military-economic (technical) cooperation, saving of specialization and cooperation of production of items of military purpose, creation of joint enterprises (organizations) on development, production, modernization, repair and utilization of products of military purpose, as well as holding of joint scientific-research and developmental  works on development and modernization of products of military purpose and etc.

The amphibian aircraft developed by China successfully passed flight tests
Thursday, 06 September 2018 10:21

The ceremony of the rolling out of the first flight prototype of the Chinese AG600 Jiaolong amphibian aircraft (serial number 001) at the Chinese aircraft enterprise Zhuhai Yanzhou Aircraft Corporation (ZYAC) of the China Aviation Industry General Aircraft (CAIGA) association of the state aircraft building corporation AVIC. Zhuhai (Guangdong Province), July 23, 2016.

Source: Xinhua


Developed by China the largest in the world amphibian  aircraft AG600 successfully carried out a flight from Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province to Jingmen City, Hubei Province, now the ship is ready to begin testing on the water surface.

The Chinese aviation industry corporation (AVIC) reported on Monday that on a flight from Jinwan airport in Zhuhai to Zhanghe airfield in Jingmen, the aircraft flew into the airspace of three provinces - Guangdong, Hunan and Hubei. The date of the beginning of tests on water has not yet been reported.

Previously, AVIC announced plans to begin commercial delivery of the AG600 amphibious aircraft by 2022.

This is the largest example of such equipment not only in China, but also in the world. The vessel is designed to extinguish fires and carry out rescue operations on the water. In addition, the AG600 can be equipped with additional equipment for monitoring the marine environment, passenger and freight traffic, as well as exploration of mineral deposits.

The aircraft is equipped with four turboprop engines, able to collect on board 12 tons of water in 20 seconds. The maximum take-off weight of the AG600 is 53.5 tons, the length of the hull is 39.3 meters, the wingspan is 38.8 meters, and the maximum flight range is 4,5 thousand kilometers. At a time the aircraft can carry up to 50 people.

In December  2017 AG600 successfully completed its first testing flight from the ground. AG600 project was approved in June 2009, and assembly was completed in July 2016.


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Source: https://vpk.name/news/226008_razrabatyivaemyii_kitaem_samoletamfibiya_uspeshno_proshel_letnyie_ispyitaniya.html


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