India will give Kyrgyzstan a loan to buy weapons

According to media reports, India intends to open a $ 100 million credit line to Bishkek to support the purchase of various weapons and military equipment of Indian production.

According to Jane’s Defense Weekly, citing official sources, India expects to receive orders from Bishkek for the supply of driving and firing simulators for training crews of the main T-72 and T-90 battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

The loan also involves the modernization of other ground platforms and systems of Soviet/Russian production, the supply of body armor and protective helmets for the armed forces of Kyrgyzstan.

Bilateral relations in the field of defense between Bishkek and Delhi have been strengthened since 2011, after the special forces of the two countries took part in a series of joint counter-terrorism and high-altitude exercises "Khanjar".





Blog of the Minister
Atamkulov B. B. 
Minister of industry and infrastructural development of the RK