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Laboratory for maintenance of underwater robotics was opened in the Kazakh scientific research institute "Гидроприбор"

Scientific Research Institute «Гидроприбор», a part of the national company "Kazakhstan Engineering", along with the design and manufacture of products offers services for its maintenance and repair. One of examples of this work is the organization on the production base of the institute of a new laboratory for servicing and routine maintenance of underwater robotics for the needs of the Navy of Kazakhstan, in particular, underwater vehicles of the company ECA Robotics (France).

To accommodate the laboratory, a specialized room was allocated, necessary equipment, instruments and tools were purchased. The laboratory provides for the dismantling and assembly of various modules of the apparatus for the purpose of repair or replacement, tightness tests, ballasting, charging of batteries. That is, all types of work to restore the working capacity of the device.

The presence of a laboratory is especially important in the development of innovative high-tech products with the participation of a foreign partner, since it allows to do routine maintenance on site, without transporting equipment outside of Kazakhstan and without attracting foreign specialists. At the same time, the terms, material and financial costs for the restoration of the working capacity of machinery are substantially reduced, and hence the increase in its combat readiness.

At the next stage it is supposed to conduct certification of the laboratory and training of personnel in the repair and maintenance of underwater robotics. In the future, the localization of the production of underwater vehicles of the company ECA Robotics in Kazakhstan is possible on the basis of the laboratory.




Blog of the Minister
Sklyar R.V.
Minister of industry and infrastructural development of the RK