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Information about the V International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment "KADEX-2018"

The anniversary V International Exhibition of Armament and Military-Technical Property "KADEX-2018", which will be held from May 23 to May 26, 2018 in the military sector of Astana International Airport, will be attended by the heads of defense ministries and departments, as well as the heads of the largest companies of the neighboring and far abroad.

This is the first exhibition held under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Today more than 40 official delegations from Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Mongolia and other countries confirmed their participation in the exhibition. Also, 108 executives of foreign companies expressed a desire to visit KADEX-2018.

318 companies from 28 countries of the world will represent their products at the Exhibition: Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Germany, Israel, India, Spain, Italy, China, the Netherlands, Russia, the USA, Serbia, etc.

Armament and military equipment, military and dual-use products from the world's leading manufacturers, samples of space technology and developments in the field of information security will be presented.

This exhibition has been held since 2010, and during this time it has become an effective platform for creating and developing mutually beneficial contacts between producers and consumers of defense products, and a tool for exchanging experience in the field of technological modernization of the army.

It will be attended by domestic and foreign enterprises of the defense-industrial complex and space industry, leading design bureaus and research institutes.

Visitors and participants of the exhibition will see the latest achievements and perspective scientific developments of the enterprises of the defense-industrial complex and the space sphere.

124 units of land equipment and 18 types of aircraft and drones will be exhibited at the open demonstration site.

At the Exhibition this year, there will be 10 pavilions, including 3 separate pavilions of Turkey, China and Russia, pavilions of Kazakhstan enterprises of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering ", LLP" Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering ", JSC" Kaztechnologies ", in addition, for the first time will be exhibited Pavilion dedicated to the space industry, where the samples of advanced developments in the field of cosmonautics will be presented.

During the event, demonstration performances by servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan and demonstration of the capabilities of military equipment that are in service with the Kazakh army will be held.

A distinctive innovation of the exhibition will be the holding for the first time of the International Forum "Days of Space in Kazakhstan", the conference "Cyber and Digital Security", the scientific and practical conference "Advanced Def Tech", as one of the central dialogue platforms of the Exhibition. At these events, experts from around the world will exchange views on topical issues of defense and security, the development of world cosmonautics, and discuss the problems of cyber security at the present stage. On the first day of the exhibition, there will be a ceremony of stamping out a postage stamp dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the creation of Kazcosmos with a special postmark on the "first day" envelope with the "KADEX-2018" emblem.

The exhibition will present samples of modern weapons, military and special equipment manufactured at Kazakhstan’s defense enterprises. The national company "Kazakhstan Engineering" of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan will present a separate pavilion with its products, where perspective developments of the defense-industrial complex of Kazakhstan will be shown. The enterprise "Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering" - one of the flagships of the country's defense industry at the KADEX-2018 Exhibition will present armored wheeled vehicles of the new generation: armored cars of the Barys family with wheel arrangement 6x6 and 8x8, as well as Arlan and Alan with wheeled formula 4x4.

One of the successful projects is a factory for the production of electronic optical products KAE LLP. Since 2013, there has been established an unparalleled production of electronic optical products in the CIS. The factory will present its products at the Exhibition: reconnaissance and surveillance devices, optical sights, night vision devices, radio stations.

The Semipalatinsk machine-building factory, which is part of the "Kazakhstan Engineering" NC, demonstrates to potential customers and exhibitors the GT-T caterpillar transporter-tractor, which is a high-speed, high-cross-country floating machine with a bearing body and front driving wheels. This machine is environmentally friendly, simply designed, has excellent maintainability and is designed to work in difficult climatic conditions on soils with low bearing capacity.

The Kazakhstan factory "Tynys" will present at the Exhibition ammunition for power structures, as well as truck cranes and special equipment. The enterprise will exhibit body armor, armored vehicles, tactical belts, tank headers, bulletproof and anti-shock shields in the pavilion of the "Kazakhstan Engineering" NC.

And these are just a few examples. There are projects in the field of armored weapons and equipment, air defense, small arms, etc. Kazakhstan’s enterprises are implementing a lot of projects in the sphere of the military-industrial complex today, which testifies that the defense industry of Kazakhstan is entering a new level of its development.

Our task is not only to produce military and special-purpose products and develop cooperation with domestic enterprises of the defense industry complex, but also to increase the competitiveness of the products of the domestic defense-industrial complex on the world arms market. At the present exhibition "KADEX - 2018" for the first time a separate pavilion dedicated to the space industry will be created.

"The International Space Days in Kazakhstan" forum will host a conference of the Eurasian Aerospace Congress entitled "Modern trends in international cooperation in the aerospace sphere", where Kazakhstan’s and foreign experts will discuss areas of cooperation in the space sector and the development of its main trends.

It should be noted that the author of the pavilion design and the developer of the image products of the Exhibition is the famous modern Kazakh artist Serik Buksikov.

In addition to the demonstration part of the exhibition, the qualitative emphasis in carrying out this event is made on the practical component. That is, in addition to official events, the business program and the Exhibition itself, it is planned to sign a number of practical documents - memorandums, contracts and agreements in the field of military-technical cooperation with a number of organizations and companies from near and far abroad. The KADEX - 2018 exhibition is a platform for constructive dialogue between business representatives, developers and manufacturers of military products, specialists from relevant ministries and agencies of various countries, regardless of interstate relations and foreign policy views.

About 50 memorandums, contracts, agreements and protocols are planned to be signed on the fields of the Exhibition, the purpose of which is development and strengthening of military-technical cooperation and cooperation in the field of space activities. "KADEX-2018" will become a large-scale event for the enterprises of the national defense-industrial complex, space sphere and cyber security and will serve as a serious impulse for their development on the international arena.



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Minister of industry and infrastructural development of the RK