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Polish anti-drone "Lanka"

LANCA 2.0.



At the International exhibition of defense industry MSPO 2018 in Poland  domestic company Wojskowe Zakady Elektroniczne (WZE) presents  its new unmanned aerial vehicles LANCA 2.0, designated for neutralization of small flying objects, reports (the 6th of September).

Potential threat from small UAV in hands of terrorists or during the combat activities it is realty – today these flying apparatuses can carry surveillance cameras or powerful explosives. UAVs created the new level of threat for troops and security forces, but also expanded the danger for civil power stations, sports arenas, ships, rail ways and pipelines.

For these reasons Armed forces and security forces developed the technology of anti-drones. New apparatus of this class LANCA 2.0 is designated for electronic suppression, has wide frequency range, which are capable to neutralize drones at the distance to1000 meters. There is a Picatinny rail on the top of the airframe, on which a tactical sight is installed.

Recently polish inspection of armament started technical dialogue on NIDA program with domestic and international companies on supply of the system for detecting and countering unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

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