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Israel is in talks with Boeing on the largest contract, including F-15IA fighters

The Israeli newspaper “The Times of Israel” reported on July 26, 2018 in the material "Israel is looking at a massive military aircraft purchase from US firm Boeing" that Israel is negotiating with the American corporation “Boeing” to conclude the largest in Israel's history of a comprehensive contract worth about $ 11 billion on the acquisition of four types of military aircraft - F-15IA fighters, KC-46A tankers, V-22 Osprey transport converters and CH-47F Chinook transport helicopters. The contract will be financed in full by US military assistance to Israel. The delivery of equipment will be carried out within ten years from the date of the conclusion of the agreement.

One of the new built for the Air Force of Saudi Arabia fighters Boeing F-15SA. St. Louis, July 2018. The fighter planes of the modification F-15IA, planned for the acquisition by Israel, will probably be close in technical terms (with)

The amount of equipment planned for Israel's purchase is not disclosed, but regarding the F-15IA fighters and the CH-47F helicopters it is said that they should be purchased "on the squadron" (which in the case of the F-15IA means, apparently, 25 cars).

The dual-purpose fighter F-15IA (Israel Advanced), apparently, will be close in appearance to the fighter F-15SA and Qatar F-15QA, which are being purchased by Saudi Arabia. We recall that in 1998-2000 Israel received 25 two-seat multi-purpose fighters F-15I.

Along with the purchase of F-15IA fighters of the "4 ++" generation, Israel is also expected to order another squadron (25 aircraft) of the fifth-generation Lockheed Martinn F-35I fighter in the next few years.

Transport helicopters CH-47F and V-22 converters (tiltrotor aircraft) will be purchased by Israel to replace Sikorsky CH-53 transport helicopters operated in the country's Air forces since 1969.


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