Russian national guard received special automobiles «Ural - ВВ»

Troops of the National Guard of Russia (Russian guard) received new miner resistant (MRAP) «Ural-ВВ»  automobiles (6x6) of Ural auto-plant production (UAP), the «Военный паритет» reports with reference on (November, the 2nd, 2018). The quantity of supplying cars of this type is not disclosed.

«Ural - ВВ» created at base of cross-country vehicle «Ural - 4320» and can be supplied in two configurations – «Ural - 432009-31» and «Ural - 432009-73», the difference in engines and in gearbox – the first car is equipped with a diesel engine YMZ-238М2 with a capacity of 240 h.p., the second with a diesel engine YMZ-53642.10 with a capacity of 285 h.p. (respectively 5 - speed or 9 - speed gearbox). 

Depending on variant, «Ural - ВВ» has weight 17600 kilos or 18500 kilos, maximal speed 85 km per hour or 90 km per hour, load capacity 3000 kilos.

The truck is equipped with an armored hull with three doors at sides and two rear doors, guided by one driver and carries out up to 14 soldiers in places that mitigate the effects of explosions.

The hull provides protection against 5.45 and 7.62 mm bullets (protection level Br4), while the front armor protects against 7.62 mm armor piercing bullets (level Br5). «Ural- ВВ» can withstand an improvised explosive device with 2 kg of TNT.

The truck «Ural - ВВ» of Russian National Guard does not carries an armament, but «controlled weapons station can be installed remotely», the source added.




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Sklyar R.V.
Minister of industry and infrastructural development of the RK