Belarus will supply fire tanks CFT-72 (caterpillar fire truck-72) to Kazakhstan

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During the V International Exhibition of Arms and Military-Technical Property KADEX-2018, which was held in Astana, an agreement was reached on the delivery of caterpillar fire engines based on the T-72 tank to the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan. This was reported by RSE “Kazspecexport”.

Belarusian “140th repair plant” developed a fire tank CFT-72, designed for work at arsenals, warehouses and ammunition storage bases.

Armored car reliably protects the crew of two people from explosions and flying fragments of ammunition. Effective extinguishing of fires is provided by a gun barrel with remote control.

The weight of the machine reaches 41000 kg. The water tank is 10000 kg. Capacity for foaming is 1000 kg. The water supply range is 70 m. The engine power is -780 hp. The speed is -40 km /h. The fuel reserve is 700 liters.


Alexey Brusilov, Alexey Moiseev