Czech Republic and Slovakia jointly will acquire an armament

Czech Republic and Slovakia jointly will acquire an armament

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The first modernized combat reconnaissance BPsVI cars and modernized infantry fighting BVP-M vehicles transferred to the Slovakian army

Prime minister of Czech Republic Andrey Babish and his Slovakian colleague Peter Pellegrini issued a joint statement on intention to cooperate in the field of armament and military technique purchases.

As the DefenseNews reports (the October, 2nd, 2018) with reference  to Czech prime minister, Governments of  Czech and Slovakia advocate for the union of efforts of both states in the field of armament purchase for modernization of Armed Forces and think that development of cooperation of defense enterprises is very perspective.

Speaking after the joint meeting of the governments of the two countries held in Košice, A. Babish noted, that armored cars are produced in Czech Republic, and in Slovakia – howitzers, that allows to Armed Forces to produse the joint purchases of these systems.

The speech is about “Titus” armored car jointly produced by French NexterGroup and Czech TatraTrucks and  155-mm self-propelled howitzer “Zuzana” produced by Slovakian company DMD.

After the “period of stagnation” last years Praga and Bratislava increase defense budgets, which allows to make purchases of new armament and military technique.

A.Babish added that Poland and Hungary also can be involved into the closer cooperation format in the field of defense.