“Kalashnikov” created an UAV, capable to land on the water

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UAV Zala 421-08M at the stand “Zala Aero group”  at the “Interpolitex-2014”.

Source: ТАСС / Karpov Ladislav


Moscow, RIA News.

Concern “Kalashnikov” created an unmanned aerial vehicle, which can land on the water, according to “Kalashnikov Media”.

UAV ZALA 421-10 created at the base of ZALA 421-08M and possesses all the advantages of “flying-wing” type aircraft, among which are all-weather, light weight, quick start, resistance to strong wind.

“The ability of an unmanned ship to land on water surface offers advantageous advantages in the application of on-board computer system in swampy terrain and in areas where water bodies occupy a large area – for example, when monitoring pipelines in central Siberia”, the report said.

UAV is distinguished by a longer flight time – more than two hours, it has improved target loads and waterproof design. Onboard camera with a resolution of 24 megapixels allows you to keep detailed aerial photography at high speed, and an HD-video camera provides a high-quality image.

Earlier, the source told to RIA News that another unmanned amphibious aircraft is being developed in Russia, which is being worked on by initiative, but it is planned to discuss the matter of production with the power structures.

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