“Shvabe” creates a mobile laser against drones

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Research Institute “Полюс” named after M.F. Stelmakh, the leading scientific center of Russia in the field of laser technologies, a member of the holding “Shvabe” of the State Corporation Rostec, announced a tender for an integral part of the experimental research work aimed at creating a mobile laser complex for combating small-size drones.

The complex should consist of a tracking system and the construction of flight trajectories of objects, issue target designations to the guidance system of powerful radiation, the source of which will be a liquid laser. At the same time, the mobile laser complex will be able to deal with drones in both day and twilight conditions.

The demonstration sample will be able to detect and obtain detailed images of up to 20 air objects at a distance of 200 to 1500 meters, to distinguish a drone from a bird or cloud, to calculate the trajectory and to hit targets.

The maximum price of the contract is 23.5 million rubles. The work on the project is scheduled for January, and the end is for April 2018.