The first model of a perspective “Eurodron” UAV was shown In Berlin

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In the period from 25th till 29th of April an International Berlin aerospace exhibition 2018 (ILA Berlin Air Show) took place in Germany.

At this air show Airbus, Dassault and Leonardo for the first time presented a fullscale model of a perspective UAV, which is yet calledEurodron”. As the Defense news notes, in terms of its dimensions, the new device resembles a full-fledged aircraft.

According to the plan of developers, a medium-altitude unmanned aircraft will receive a two-turbine propulsion system for a long flight and be able to strike by a various types of weapons. It is assumed that “Eurodron” will achieve flight readiness by the mid-2020s.

Into the project were involved Germany, France, Italy and Spain, but the leading position belongs to the German division of Airbus. Presented at the Berlin air show maket is based on a design agreed upon by partner countries in the middle of 2017. In January of this year, a new phase of the program to determine the system requirements for the aircraft was begun. This stage will be completed before the end of 2018.

“While there is still a lot of work ahead, this full-scale model represents only the first frontier”, – said Dirk Hawke, the head of the space and armament direction of Airbus. According to him, “Eurodron” can be a definite stage in the development of a new combat aircraft of the sixth generation, the design of which is now planned by France and Germany.


Source: https://военное.рф/2018/Бпла14/