The Slovenian military could not get rid of obsolete tanks

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The Slovenian Ministry of Defense held an auction for the sale of 27 M-55S tanks that were withdrawn from service. As specifies the Center for Analysis of world arms trade, military could get rid only from one fighting machine.

M arch 29th of this year the Ministry of Defense of Slovenia announced its intention to sell 27 M-55S tanks from surplus weapons. Tanks were sold in three lots. Lot №1, the initial cost of 2.65 million euros included 13 tanks, spare parts, special tools and dynamic protection with the possibility of delivery as early as 2018. The lot №2 includes 13 tanks worth 2.6 million euros, ready for delivery starting in 2020. Lot №3, the total cost of 820 thousand euros for delivery in 2019, included one tank, 1,496 tracing armor-piercing cumulative ammunitions and 1,475 armor-piercing high-explosive projectiles with a collapsible head, as well as 1,908 smoke grenades CL-3030.

The funds received from the sale of military equipment were planned to be spent on the acquisition of new weapons for two battalion combat groups.

According to the resource, during the bidding the Ministry of Defense of Slovenia received only one proposal for the purchase of lot number 3, which was sold at a starting price of 820 thousand euros. Tanks M-55S went to Slovenia after the collapse of Yugoslavia. In the middle of 1990s, the Defense Ministry decided to modernize them, and it took place with the participation of Israeli companies and ended in 2001. The renovation of tanks cost EUR 52 million. Originally they were planned to be used until 2015, but in 2006 they were removed from the armament and stored.


Source: https://военное.рф/2018/Европа8/