Turkish army armed with the first domestic drones

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On the 5th of February, 2018 the portal armyrecognition.com reported that the company Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) handed over to Turkish Armed Forces Anka-S drones.

According to the contract, signed in 2013 by the company TAI and Ministry of defense of Turkey, manufacturer has to supply to army 10 units of Anka-S till the end of 2018. As representatives of Turkish military office stated, the main mission of combat drones is the fight with Kurdish armed formations into the country, as well as at adjacent to Turkey areas of Syria and Iraq.

The development of Anka unmanned aerial vehicle began in 2004 after the US refused to sell Turkey the Reaper and Predator percussion drones. At first, the TAI company developed two versions of apparatus: Anka Block A (reconnaissance) and Anka Block B (percussion) and serial sample, which received the full spectrum of possibilities, is named as Anka-S.

Anka-S has maximal take off weight 1,6 tons (payload— 200 kg). Wingspan is 17,4 meters with a total length less than 8 meters. Drone is equipped with a piston engine Thielert Centurion 2.0 with a power of 155 hp. The claimed maximum duration of staying in the air is 24 hours; the high of flying can reach 9 kilometers.