Uzbekistan bought Russian “Tiger” armored vehicles

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Модернизированный бронеавтомобиль ВПК-233136 «Тигр»


June 25, 2019 The Armed Forces of Uzbekistan purchased a batch of Russian “Tiger” multi-purpose armored vehicles. It is reported by TASS at the Fifth International Military-Technical Forum “Army-2019”.

According to the agency, it was acquired “several dozen” armored vehicles VPK-233136 “Tiger” in a special configuration.

Cars refined at the request of special units of Uzbekistan. In particular, additional doors were equipped in the armored case, protective grilles were mounted on all windows, and an infrared illuminator and collapsible armor protection around the front and rear hatches were installed on the roof, the source said, adding that “Tiger” was armed with a machine gun PKM in this configuration of 7.62 mm caliber in open setting.

Also, the source stressed that these “Tigers” had time to recommend themselves on the positive side. The machine can perform all tasks assigned to special forces and literally serve as their home. Not every armored car is capable of such, the source stressed. It is noted that the average cost of “Tiger” is 160 thousand US dollars.

Reference: VPK-233136 “Tiger” is intended for the transportation of personnel, various cargoes on public roads and over rough terrain, use as a vehicle and operational-service vehicle during counter-terrorist operations, operations to curb riots, to protect the crew and personnel from firearms and shrapnel ammunition and explosive devices. In addition, the machine can be used for the installation of special tools and equipment.