A ground-effect vehicle (GEV) (ekranoplan) with rocket armament will be created in Russia by 2027

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Prototype of “Orlan” ekranoplan, armed with rockets, is planning to be created in Russia within the state program of armament on the period by 2027. About this was reported by Vice-premier of Russian Federation Yuriy Borisov to journalists.

“There is a design-developmental work “Orlan” in state program of armament of 2018-2027, which provides the building of ekranoplan. Prototype will be created within this program of armament, it will carry rocket armament”, – TASS cited Borisov’s words.

According to him, ekranoplan will be used for security of North naval way, where infrastructure is poorly developed. “It can patrol, close these areas. Internal seas too: Caspian Sea, Black sea”, – clarified the Vice-premier.

Borisov added that the new ekranoplan also can be patrol mean for saving of ship crews.

Ekranoplan – multi-mode ship, which in its main exploital mode does flight using display effect above water or other surface without constant contact with surface. It is maintained in the air, mainly by the aerodynamic lift generated on the air wing, body or parts thereof, which are intended to use the action of the screen effect. The Ekranoplan usually performs flights at a lower altitude than a conventional aircraft, but moves at a higher speed than the ship.

TASS, 30th of July 2018.