At air show «Dubai Airshow 2017» announced the conclusion of a contract for the supply of BTA S-295 aircraft to UAE Air Force

Airbus Defense and Space Company during the air show «Dubai Airshow 2017» announced about conclusion of the contract on supply of five BTA C-295 aircraft with the Air Force and Air Defense Command of the United Arab Emirates.

The aircraft ordered under this contract will replace the CN-235 which are consist in the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates. The delivery is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2018. The contract value has not yet been disclosed.

This agreement increased the total number orders for the delivery of C-295 aircraft to 203 units for the Airbus Defense and Space. Of these, 161 aircraft have already been delivered to customers.

Currently, the volume of orders for the supply of C-295 to the countries of the Middle East and North Africa is 51 units. As noted in Airbus Defense and Space, the company expects to conclude additional contracts with the countries of this region.

According to the database of Center for analysis of world arms trade, in the region of the Middle East and North Africa region, 24 aircraft of C-295 were ordered by the Egyptian Air Force, 8 units – by Oman Air Force, 6 units – by Algerian Air Force, 4 units by – Jordanian Air Force and 4 units – by Saudi Arabian Air Force.

The C-295 aircraft is intended for the transport of troops and cargoes, parachuting and landing methods, medical evacuation. The machine provides the possibility of delivering to the destination up to 9.2 tons of cargo, 71 servicemen or 48 paratroopers, or 24 wounded on stretchers with medical personnel.