Belarus wants to produce small arms

Belarus wants to produce small arms

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Pistol PV-17

Belarus is intended to be a producer of small arms and ammunition. The portal published excerpts from the interview of the Chairman of State military industrial committee, Roman Golovchenko, in which he told about state plans to be an exporter of firearms (December, 3,2018).

According to him, near the Orsha city (Vitebsk region) construction of the plant is already underway. Initially here will be started the production of ammunition for small arms. Later it is planned to master the assembly of imported firearms, and then to launch the production of domestic models.

At the same time, the plans of the State military industrial committee are not just to start the production of Belarusian small arms, but also to export them to other countries. In January,2018 at the State military industrial committee’s fair a pistol PV-17 of Parabellum 9×19 mm caliber already has been demonstrated, which was designated not for special forces but for civil market.

Pistol PV-17 provides accurate shooting range of up to 50 meters; the magazine is designed for 17 rounds. The length of the gun is only 220 mm, width – 30 mm.

And in May 2017, at the MILEX-2017 exhibition, the company “Belspetsvneshtechnika – New Technologies” presented the new PSN-B pistol (Vasilyev concealed carrying pistol). Perhaps they will be one of the first models of the Belarusian development, which will go into mass production.