Canadian Company will supply to Ukraine sniper rifles.

Canadian company  PGW Defense Technologies, which is specialized on defense technologies, is intends to supply sniper rifles LRT-3 to the Ukrainian Armed forces. This was reported by the owner of PGW Ross Spagrud in interview to Ukrainian channel UATV.

Supplies are expected in Autumn of 2018  year. Delivery of rifle weapons of 12,7 mm caliber will be carried out under the contract, which was  signed this year with the Ministry of defense of Ukraine worth about 770 thousands US dollars.

According to Spagrud, under the terms of the agreement, the Canadian company also will provide after sale support and service of sniper systems, as well as  a training of Ukrainian military servicemen to their exploitation.

On 28th of July, the Head of the Ministry of defense of Canada Harjit Sajjan stated, that from 2014 Canada provided a non-flying military equipment on more than  16 million  dollars to Ukraine.  Another $ 7.25 million for non-flying equipment should be allocated before the end of March 2019.

In July the Ukrainian president Petr Poroshenko stated, that Ukrainian issue is still remains priority for USA and NATO. Confirming  own words, the head of the state pointed out on recent meeting with American leader Donald Trump and documents of the summit Ukraine-NATO, which were signed by the leaders of the North Atlantic alliance, including  an American president.

On 25th of July became familiar, that American defense agency allocated more than 300 million dollars on production of portable antitank missile complexes Javelin for several states, including Ukraine.

The embassy of Ukraine reported, that American congress intends to allocate 2502 million Dollars in 2019 for help to Ukraine in the field of security.

In the end of December 2017 in US State Department officially confirmed intentions to supply an armament to Kiev, including Javelin. The Ministry of Foreign affairs criticized the decision of USA and other states to supply the weapons  to Kiev, noted, that this can cause  escalation of situation in the East of Ukraine.


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