Russia can transfer to Serbia the An-26 aircraft in addition to the MiG-29 fighters

Russia, after the free transfer of six MiG-29 fighters to Serbia, can also provide the Republic with two AN-26 transport aircraft.

The transfer of two aircrafts can take place within the next ten months.

Military transport aircraft An-26 (airborne number 71386)

of the Serbian Air Force.

According to estimates of experts, one repaired An-26 can cost from five to eight million dollars.

Earlier, in October, the Russian side handed over six «MiG-29» fighters to Serbia within the framework of military-technical assistance.

The new military aircraft went to the Serbian Air Force for the first time since 1987 – virtually all of the Yugoslav «MiG-29» aircrafts that were part of the 127th Fighter Squadron, based in Batajnica, were destroyed during the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia.

In addition to aircraft, the agreements between Moscow and Belgrade, reached at the end of 2016, also include the transfer of 30 «T-72» tanks to Serbia and the same number of «BRDM-2» (Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle-2) armored vehicles. In total, it was about the delivery of equipment for a total sum of $ 600 million.

In addition, Belgrade is interested in purchasing Russian S-300 systems, an defensive system of ground-to-air that can hit medium and short-range ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and combat aircraft.