Great Britain is planning to purchase an Israeli “Drone dome”

Photo: Rafael

The Ministry of defense of Great Britain made a decision to purchase Israeli systems of protection of objects from unmanned aerial vehicles Drone Dome. An Israeli company Rafael will supply the systems till the end of year, AINonline reports.

System of protection Drone Dome for the first time was presented in April 2016. Electron-optical and infrared sensors, which have view on 360 degrees, as well as radar station and electronic suppression system are the part of this system. Besides this, there is a laser  emitter for hitting small drones. In case of “intruder” detection “Drone Dome” will activate a false signal generator of satellite navigation and electronic suppression device, Laser is applied under the command of operator. The system is working in two modes – under the command of operator and automatically. Under the statement of developers, the system of protection Drone Dome is designated for the struggle  with UAV of weight from 2 till 150 kilograms in any time of the day and in any weather.

The Ministry of defense of  Great Britain is planning to apply the system for protection its military bases, as well as other infrastructural objects. At this moment the British servicemen are intended to purchase 6 sets of the system on total worth 20 million US dollars.

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