Indonesia will pay to Russia more than 1 billion for Su-35

Indonesia will pay more than $ 1bn for Russian Su-35 fighters, an informed interlocutor of «Interfax» reported.

«The price of the contract is more than $ 1 billion, deliveries will be carried out in two stages: at first eight aircraft, then three more», the source of agency said.

«Interfax» does not have an official confirmation of this information.

On the 5th of May, a source of «Interfax» reported that Indonesia will receive from Russia a commercial loan for the purchase of fighters.

On the 1st of March, Vladimir Kozhin, an aide to the Russian president for military-technical cooperation (already left the post, «IF»), confirmed to «Interfax» that he had entered into a contract with Indonesia to buy Russian Su-35S.

In the middle of February an informed source in Jakarta told to «Interfax» that Russia and Indonesia signed a contract for the supply of 11 Su-35 multifunctional fighters.

The supply of modern aircraft technology under Indonesian law is linked to offset obligations and counter trade.

«This means that we commit ourselves to purchase certain national goods», Viktor Kladov, director of international cooperation and regional policy at «Rostec» State Corporation, told to «Interfax» earlier.

He stated that Indonesia could supply rubber, palm oil and other traditional export goods.

Su-35 is a deeply modernized maneuverable multifunctional fighter of the «4++» generation. According to the company «Sukhoi», it uses the technology of the fifth generation, providing superiority over fighters of a similar class.

Distinctive features of the aircraft are a new avionics complex based on a digital information management system integrating on-board equipment systems, new radar station with a phased array antenna with a long range of detection of air targets with an increased number of simultaneously escorted and fired targets, new engines with increased thrust and rotational vector thrust.