Complex of invulnerability: the updated “Arena-E” will strengthen the protection of the T-72 and T-90

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The model of the main battle tank with the advanced “Arena-E” complex.

Source: Alexey Brussilov

At the present time the leading countries of the world in the military relation sharp activied the works on creation of complexes of active protection for armor technique, which can neutralize guided antitank missiles and reactive grenades.

Russia at the present time is continuing to remain the leader in this direction – development of such systems for prospective machines at the platforms “Armata”, “Kurganec-25” and “Boomerang”  already underway.

Also serial technique: T-90 and T-72 are not forgotten. At the international military-technical forum “Army-2018” the model of the main battle tank with the advanced “Arena-E” complex was demonstrated. From habitual earlier version it is different by modules with antennas, which are carried around the tower and they got the elevated level of protection. The same applies to containers with damaging elements. Wherein constructors could create twofold protection from one direction.

In the result of modern version the Russian complex of active protection in automatic mode can destroy not only antitank guided missile or ammunition from manual antitank grenades but also the artillery cumulative projectiles. Interception of objects, threatening the tank, is implementing  at the distance in 50 meters. Wherein the time of reaction is only 0,3 seconds.

“Arena-E” is installed on the real tank-modernized T-72, the weight of which grew up to 46 tones. Engine with power of 1130 horse power provides machine with good maneuvered and speed characteristics.


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