Estonia buys artillery armament

The Government of Finland approved the sale to Estonia 155-mm howitzer shells. The transaction price is € €8.5 million.

As portal reported on September 7, 2018, the Ministry of Defense of Finland, which reported about transaction, does not disclose the number of sold ammunition and their quality. The acquisition of ammunition is associated with the purchase of self-propelled artillery K9 Thunder from South Korea. The Estonian Center for Defense Investments signed a corresponding agreement with the Korean organization for the support of trade and investment and the defense industry company Hanhwa Land Systems in late June. The cost of the transaction is about € 46 million – it includes not only the supply of 12 used self-propelled artillery mount, but also the relevant training, maintenance and spare parts.

The first artillery will arrive in Estonia in 2020, after which they will be adapted for the needs of the local army. The training in shooting of servicemen with the K-9 will begin in 2023. The firing range of these self-propelled artillery mounts is more than 40 km, the unit is able to leave the position within 30 seconds after the start of the firing. K9 weighs 47 tons, can move at speeds up to 65 km / h, the combat calculation consists of five people.