Export of antidrone guns

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Radio-electronic gun “Pishchal” / Photo: Anton Tushin


Russia supplies anti-drone guns “Pishchal” and fixed radio-electronic complexes “Taran” to Serbia and South Ossetia, said Sergey Bukashkin, First Deputy General Director – General Designer of the concern “Automation” (part of “Rostec”).

“We deliver both submitted samples to Serbia and South Ossetia”, – S. Bukashkin said during the report to Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov during his tour of the exposition of Hydro Avia Salon-2018.

According to the general designer, the stationary anti-drone complex “Taran” operates at a range of 3 kilometers, and the “Pishchal” gun at a range of  2.5 kilometers away. “There is a variant (anti-drone complex – Ed.) on the basis of the armored car “Tiger”, which covers up to 10 kilometers”, S. Bukashkin explained.

Earlier representative of the concern “Automation” told to RIA News that the gun “Pishchal” was tested in real combat conditions and showed excellent results.

“Pischal” is a three-kilogram electronic gun that can detect a target and suppress its navigation and communication at all possible frequencies.