Exposition of the Far Eastern sea salon will limited to 17 stands

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Organizers of the International Far eastern sea salon (IFESS) will bet on the organization of the business program of the event. Expositions of the exhibition will be located on 17 stands. Reasons for reducing exposure to 17 stands are not reported.

Now organizers are preparing the website for delegates and exponents. It is planned to represent it after holidays of May.

IFESS was officially announced in November 2017 by the decree of the Government of Russia. According to Mil.Press FlotProm, in the shipbuilding industry, the exhibition was perceived as a Far Eastern alternative to the St. Petersburg International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS), which will now be held for even-numbered years. In 2017, 443 enterprises brought their products to the IMDS.

IMDS will held from the 25th to 28th of July, 2018 at the Campus of the Far Eastern Federal University on island Russkiy. The operator of the event will beRosscongress”.

According to the information from the website of the fund, the organizers expect 1500 participants from Russia and foreign countries, including Vietnam, India, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Japan.


Source: https://flotprom.ru/2018/ Выставки28/