Israeli company presented modern system of combat equipment

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The main difficulty for a young soldier, who found himself in the war zone, is concluded in necessity of abrupt maneuvering, with tens of kilograms of equipment in special tactical backpacks on his back.

Israeli company Marom Dolphin Ltd presented its integrated system of carbon skeleton called FUSION. In this model of equipment protective vest is connected with backpack. In case of necessity fighter can drop the cargo carried behind his back in one motion to get the advantage in maneuverability. This universal, modular, easy and extraordinarily strong system effectively distributes the load throughout the body.

Marom Dolphin is the recognized leader on the market of manufacturers of specialized equipment for militaries and police detachments, security services and civil powers.

Patented structure of the FUSION model allows to connect vest with backpacks of any size without using additional belts. This adaptive system is suitable for any carrier. Necessary equipment for fighting (protective armored plates, communication tools, spare cartridges and etc.)  is integrated into the vest, which remains on the soldier after urgent reset of a backpack.

System allows to implement the comfortable maneuvering due to the use of a special materials, which are protect the skin of fighter from injuries, which are usually appears because of the contact of vest with body. Breastplate of a FUSION model can be equipped with the additional equipment depending on the executable task.

On assurances of representatives of the Marom Dolphin Ltd company, within the design of this system applied the most modern materials and ergonomical technologies, allowed to reach of the ideal distribution of the load throughout the all body of the soldier.


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