Finnish automatic rifle Rynnakkokivaari 62 (RK 62) has undergone a large-scale modernization

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According to Warspot, citing the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Finland, the first batches of RK 62M assault rifles began to enter combat units.

Since 1962, Finnish companies Valmet and SAKO have produced a licensed copy of a Kalashnikov automatic rifle called RK 62. In 2015, the Defense Ministry launched a program to upgrade the automatic machine, which resulted in RK 62M in three modifications (M1, M2 and M3).

In fact, the RK 62M1, M2 and M3 is the same machine using the basic AK design. From each other versions differ in the type of butt, as well as a set of accessories. The caliber remained “native” – 7.62×39 mm.

The military department indicates that due to the possibility of installing modern accessories, the upgraded version of the machine will last until the 2030s.

The total cost of the upgrade cost € 12.6 million.