In India the 70-year-old Soviet guns are modernizing

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 The Indian Artillery Council will upgrade the Soviet-designed towed M-46 130-mm cannons. Thanks to the rework of the guns developed in the second half of the 1940s, they will be able to target fire at a greater range than the basic version of the gun, writes n + 1. The towed M-46 cannons were produced from 1948 to 1971 for the Armed Forces of the USSR and were actively exported. In addition to India, such weapons are in service in almost 40 countries around the world.

The length of M-46 is 11.1 meters with a barrel length of 7.2 meters, width – 2.5 meters, and height – 2.6 meters. The gun is equipped with a two-way carriage with a hydropneumatic retard brake (buffer). The barrel of the gun has elevation angles from minus 2.5 to 45 degrees and angles of rotation from minus 25 to 25 degrees. M-46 can target fire at targets at a range of up to 27.5 kilometers. The maximum firing range is 37 kilometers. As part of the modernization of the Indian guns, it is planned to replace the muzzle brake, breech block, and also refine the anti-roll device. In addition, instead of a standard trunk of a 130-mm caliber, the developers will install a new barrel of 155-mm caliber. As a result of modernization, the aiming range of the M-46 will increase to 36 kilometers. At present, India has about 300 M-46 guns. All of them will undergo modernization. It is planned to spend about 50 million US dollars on the work.