Memorandums on cooperation between the MDAI of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Competence Centers for Cybersecurity were signed in Almaty

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Nine Memorandums on cooperation between the Committee of informational security of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Competence centers for Cybersecurity on various directions were signed in Almaty:

1. On the direction of creating an information security system

LLP «Национальный инновационный центр» (National innovation center);

LLP «KIBC Technology»;

– LLP «JupiterSoft»;

– JSC «Казтелепорт».

2. On the direction of production of telecommunication equipment

LLP «Корпорация Связь».

3. On the direction of rendering services in the field of secure processing of information and storage of electronic resources:

– JSC «Казтелепорт»;

– LLP «Национальный инновационный центр» (National innovation center).

4. |On the direction of scientific and educational programs:

– JSC «Kazakh-British Technical University»;

– JSC «International Information Technologies University».

Purpose of Memorandums on cooperation is the establishment, promotion and strengthening of mutually beneficial cooperation on the issues of providing of informational security, expanding of interaction and exchange of experience in the field of education and scientific activity.

Competence centers will bring to the participants of the Special Economic Zone «Park of Innovative Technologies «Alatau» (SEZ «PIT») the best world practices in the field of cyber security on the basis of their own developments and adaptations of software products from world manufacturers in the field of data protection.

Also Competence centers can assist to other participants of SEZ «PIT», to consult state bodies and organizations, train and improve the qualifications of specialists, state servants, engineers, which are responsible for providing of informational system protection.