Quantity of military technique, participating in dynamic show at the International military-technical forum “Army-2018”, will be increased

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Center for analysis of world arms trade, the 9th of July. Visitors of “Army-2018” forum can not only to see in free access the newest military technique, but also to acquaintance with its military characteristics during the dynamical show.

The number of samples participating in it will be increased compared to last year’s forum.

In the Congress and Exhibition Center of park “Patriot” will be presented the newest armored, automobile, artillery and other military technique, which can be seen by visitors in a free access and estimate the best samples of Russian defense-industrial complex.

Military possibilities of more than 90 modern samples, which are in the structure of land forces, including military air defense, missile forces and artillery will be demonstrated to guests of the show.

Also prospective samples of military technique will be presented: the newest antiaircraft missile system “Tor-M-2 DT” in the arctic version, “Boomerang” armored personnel carrier, Infantry fighting vehicle “Kurganets”, Armored cars “Typhoon-K” and special transport tools “Tiger” with anti-tank system “Cornet”, tank of new generation T-14 “Armata”, self-propelled artillery mount “Coalition-SV”.

All prospective samples of military technique will be exhibited at the open area of the forum, with general access for everyone, says the department for information and mass communications of the ministry of defense of the Russian Federation.

International military-technical forum “Army-2018” will start its work at the territory of “Patriot” park on the 21st of August 2018.

Source: https://vpk.name/news/220843_kolichestvo_boevoi_tehniki_uchastvuyushei_v_dinamicheskom_pokaze_na_mvtf_armiya2018_budet_uvelicheno.html