Russian armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles will be equipped by the most powerful cannons in the world.

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The Ministry of defense of Russia approved a new conception of development of armored vehicles. For all light fighting vehicles (infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and armored cars) was chosen a new maximal caliber -57 mm.

This was announced on November,8th,2018 by «Известия» newspaper with reference to the Ministry of Defense of RF.

Weapon with caliber of 30 or 100 mm used earlier often were ineffective in regard for high-speed or armored targets.

Modernized cannons, the maximal caliber of which will be 57 mm, will be differenced by their universalism and increased speed of shots. Thereby, they are planned to be used including for the struggle with UAVs as well as with any type of tanks.

At the present time Russia is the first country in the world, which began the serial production of suchlike weapon.