Smuggling weapons from Ukraine detained in Iraq

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Iraqi police seized a smuggling consignment of weapons of Ukrainian origin, allegedly ordered by Islamist militants. According to Sky News, the container with the weapon was delivered to Iraq by a private merchant ship.

According to the agency, 1000 Fort pistols of Ukrainian production fell into the hands of the Iraqi police. In the accompanying customs documents, weapon boxes were signed by suppliers as “toys” and “children’s bicycles”.

Pistols “Fort” adopted by the police and internal troops (now – the police and the National Guard) of Ukraine in 1998 as a replacement for the Makarov’s pistol. Small batches of Fort pistols were purchased at various times by the Ministries of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

“Fort”  is a 12-rifle rifled gun designed to defeat the enemy at a distance of 50 meters. Caliber – 9 mm.