Tests of the «maritime infantry fighting vehicle»

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At the held exercises of the Russian detachment to counter the sabotage forces and facilities of the Leningrad naval base in the area of Kronstadt, additional tests were carried out on the new assault landing craft of the project 02800, the “RG” reports with reference to the Russian military department (August 16, 2018).

As previously reported, for the first time the assault-landing boat of the project 02800 was presented at the International Military Technical Forum “Army-2016”, and in 2017 was adopted the in Russian Navy. During the past year, the Navy received six such boats, which were sent for service to the Pacific, Black Sea and Baltic fleets.

According to experts, in the fleet this boat is called “maritime infantry fighting vehicle”. The assault-landing boat of project 02800 is intended for carrying out patrol, diversionary and anti-sabotage functions; for speed delivery of assault-landing groups to the shore and of search groups on the detained ship; for fire support of actions of units of special operations  and marines.

The boat of the project 02800 has a displacement of 10 tons. Length – 10 m, width – 3.6 m. Weight – 6.5 tons. Equipped with two water-jet engines, providing a speed of up to 40 knots. Armed with two machine guns of caliber 7.62 mm and one – 12.7 mm. The closed landing department and the bow of the assault boat have bulletproof armor-plating. Armored glass windows are installed on the windows of the cabin. The low profile of the boat provides secrecy of movement.