The delegation of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan took part in the 10th International Exhibition “DEFEXPO India-2018”

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The delegation of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan took part in the 10th International Exhibition of Land and Naval Weapons “DEFEXPO India-2018”, which was held on April 11-14 this year in Chennai, India. The event is held every two years under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense of India and the Confederation of Indian Industry.

The subject of this year’s exhibition covers armament for the ground forces and naval forces, including air defense and electronic warfare, army aviation and space technologies, dual-use products.

Within the framework of DEFEXPO, 430 companies exhibited their products and development. The largest expositions were presented by manufacturers from India, Russia, France, Israel, Great Britain, the USA, the United Arab Emirates.

At the exhibition DEFEXPO-2018 were widely represented:

– Unmanned and robotic systems: combat flying drones of different modifications and sizes for combat and reconnaissance purposes, robots for counter-terrorism tasks;

– Combat simulators for the development of skills in possession of weapons: from simple small to complex weapons of military vehicles, etc. (less financial costs for training purposes with increasing real skills in possession of weapons, monitoring the level of development of professionalism of the militaries);

– A wide range of ammunition: from ammunition and shells to torpedoes, cruise missiles and high-precision weapons on the principle of “shot and forget” (in India there is a high demand for ammunition, in this regard, actively developing the above simulators for training military personnel);
– Armored cars of various classes: according to company representatives, today India is searching for new equipment for infantry.

At this stage, while still a novice player in the world arms market, India openly shows great interest in various forms of cooperation and development of production chains, including for joint sale to third countries.

The country is actively betting on self-sufficiency in the production of weapons and combat systems. The presence of our own engineering staff and industrial base allows the Indian side to intentionally and consistently increase localization within the JP (joint production).

The country is actively developing the R & D sector: at the exhibition were presented a lot of new prototype Indian military developments, which are only being tested.

Obviously, by the present moment India has accumulated sufficient technological potential to enter the new production level and in 5-10 years will be able to compete in the world market. More than half of the Indian defense companies represented at DEFEXPO-2018 are small private enterprises.

And on May 23-25, Astana will host the Fifth International Exhibition of Armament and Military-Technical Property “KADEX-2018”, which traditionally takes place every two years in the third decade of May.

Over the years, the Kazakhstan exhibition has been included in all international catalogs and has become one of the leading regional exhibition platforms for demonstrating the latest weapons, military and special equipment and technologies.

Its organization allows to understand modern and prospective technological trends, to learn foreign ones and to present national achievements and developments from advanced suppliers of products and services of the defense industry complex with the subsequent conclusion of contracts and agreements.

“KADEX-2018” is the first time held under the aegis of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This year, for the first time in the history of the exhibition, separate pavilions of products of the space industry and developments in the field of cyber security will be organized.

The main emphasis in the program of the exhibition this year was made on its busy business part in the framework of the instruction of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev to actively promote the export and import of domestic products and services.