The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation passes on modern container for weapons and ammunition

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The Russian military department began system purchases of modern samples of polymer containers for weapons and ammunition.

In the framework of one of the contracts on state defense order by November 2018, the RF Ministry of Defense will receive 125,000 polymer boxes for tank and mortar ammunition. As follows from the information published on the site of public procurement, their total cost is 952.5 million rubles.

According to representatives of the leading manufacturers of polymer containers, the Russian military took a principled decision on the transition from wooden containers to modern, primarily polymer. However, the process itself will stretch for several years.

The head of the St. Petersburg enterprise producing gun cases said that the new container had successfully passed the tests in Syria, which made it possible to accelerate the adoption of certain samples of products of his company.

“In the past 2-3 years, serial shipments have become increasingly frequent, but wooden boxes will remain in the army for a long time,” said the design engineer of the manufacturer of plastic containers for ammunition, in some cases the wood is indispensable – for example, when it is necessary to destroy the boxes after transportation, and in the process, even warm up. On the other hand, after 5-10 years wooden boxes need special treatment and a certain care, in which plastic does not need”.

New materials are practically non-alternative for transportation and storage of complex optics, military robots. They are also better suited for the long-term storage of ammunition and explosives, and hence the purchase of a new generation of packaging will be more.


Source: https://военное.рф/2018/Оборонка292/