Ukraine upgrades tanks T-84

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According to the Defense Express website, the Defense Ministry of Ukraine decided to send upgraded tanks T-84 to participate in the international competitions of the tank crews Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018, organized by the US in Europe and the German army. Five countries will participate in the competition: Austria, Poland, France, Germany and Ukraine.

T-84 – the further development of the T-80UD by installing, among other things, several reactive armor modules, the tank is equipped with a perfect fire control system similar to that installed on modern Ukrainian tanks «Oplot».

By this time, 6 main battle tanks T-84 were repaired at the facilities of the Ukrainian state enterprise “Malyshevsky Zavod” (Kharkov). Technical maintenance and modernization of T-84 tanks have been carried out since the beginning of 2017.

The T-84 tank was adopted in 2001, in the same year, 10 units were purchased. For a long time the tanks of this version were in the reserves of a number of military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.