Angola buys patrol aircraft C295

Военный Паритет“, March, 18th, 2018 – Angola will buy three navy patrol aircraft Airbus C295 for the control of its exceptional economic zone, reports today.

The Angolan Press agency reported, that the president Joao Lourenco on the 2nd of March signed the presidential decree on permission to the Simportex company of the ministry of defense of the Angola to sign the agreement with Airbus Defense and Space worth 159,9 millions of euro (196,7 millions of the US dollars. The minister of finances was authorized to hold negotiations on financing of the contract with Spanish bank Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria. The Airbus Company which produces C295 aircraft in Spain did not commented the deal.

The Angolan President visited objects of Airbus during the visit to Spain in March, 2017, when he had been yet the minister of defense.