АО «ПЗТМ» развивает сотрудничество с частными компаниями

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“Petropavlovsk Heavy Engineering Plant” (PHEP) (a subsidiary of JSC “NK Kazakhstan Engineering”) as part of expanding cooperation with private companies, carried out the installation, installation, testing and commissioning of a lifting installation for the overhaul of oil and gas wells PAP-80/100.

  The installation is designed to perform overhaul of oil and gas wells, as well as to work as part of a mobile drilling complex with a hook capacity of up to 100 tons. The product has a number of constructive advantages, including: mobility of movement, mono-mast of increased rigidity, divided assembly and working hydraulic systems, etc.

The complete production cycle of the unit, starting from the development of design documentation to commissioning, was carried out by the forces of JSC “PHEP” within the framework of the agreement concluded with LLP “AKSU DRILLING” (Aktau) for the supply of a lifting unit. For the convenience of companies operating in the fields of Kazakhstan, the company in 2018 established a representative office in Aktau.

It should be noted that in the conditions of modern market development trends, the plant is actively working to increase its customer base. Many years of production experience and technological capabilities allow the company not only to occupy existing niches, but also to expand the range of goods produced and services rendered.

In the future, the plant plans to develop work in the field of service maintenance of the oil and gas production equipment park. To extend the product life cycle, both warranty and post warranty service is provided. It is also planned to master the production of stationary drilling rigs with a lifting capacity of up to 600 tons. A service is already being carried out to replace the top equipment of the fleet of equipment of oil and gas companies of Kazakhstan.

 “Within the framework of the implementation of the Unified program of support and development of business “Business Road Map 2020″, we are ready to develop cooperation with small and medium-sized businesses with the involvement of leasing financing tools through working with JSC  BRK  Leasing,” said Vadim Shakshakbayev, the General Director of JSC “PHEP”.

The participation of the company in the implementation of this program will lead to the establishment of a long-term mutually beneficial partnership with new companies aimed at the development of the Kazakhstan oil and gas cluster.



JSC “Petropavlovsk Heavy Engineering Plant” is one of the largest enterprises in Kazakhstan for the manufacture of equipment for the oil and gas, oil and gas processing, petrochemical, chemical, gas, energy and railway industries based on modern technologies with 55 years of experience in production.