Georgia plans to sell modernized assault aircraft “Su-25” “Scorpion”

The modernized Su-25 attack aircraft, named “Dzhe-31 Bora”, assembled at the «Tbilaviastroitel’», Georgia intends to offer to buyers in Africa and Asia for US $ 20-25 million apiece.

As the director of the enterprise Nodar Beridze told to the Tbilisi-based «Rezonansi» newspaper, there will be no Russian details on the modernized attack aircraft; the aircraft will be equipped with the latest avionics.

As the head of “Tbilaviastroitel’” noted, now engines are selected which will be of American or European production.

This enterprise has been operating in Tbilisi since the times of the USSR. In the early 2000s, the Israeli company ELBIT Systems B on the basis of the Tbilisi aircraft plant upgraded the Su-25 attack aircraft. This model was called “Scorpion”. Attack aircraft can conduct combat operations day and night.