The Polish Defense Ministry intends to continue negotiations to reduce the price for the American Patriot

It was reported in an interview to the Defense News weekly by Deputy Minister of National Defense of Poland Bartosh Kovnatsky, to which Tass refers.

The report also notes that Warsaw is ready to spend no more than US $ 7.5 billion on air defense/missile defense systems, while the Defense Security and Cooperation Agency (DSCA) of the US Department of the Ministry of Defense announced about acceptance of the decision by the US administration to sell Poland Patriot batteries for a total amount of 10.5 billion US dollars (37 billion zł).

This deal, as previously reported by DSCA, also provides the purchase by Poland of four AN/MPQ-65 radar stations, four fire control posts, 16 launchers and 208 anti-aircraft guided missiles to the Patriot PAC-3 + system.