India purchases aviation missiles and bombs

The Ministry of Defense of India approved the proposal to purchase from the Russian Federation air bombs for the country’s air force.

The proposal concerns the purchase of 240 bombs from a Russian company «Rosoboronexport» for a total of 12 billion 540 million rupees (about 196 million US dollars), which are already used by the Indian Air Force as part of the high-precision weapons category. This deal is designed to fill the lack of precision weapons in the arsenal of the Indian Air Force, as well as strengthen their offensive capabilities.

Another proposal, which was approved by the Indian Defense Ministry, concerns the purchase from Israel of 131 missiles of the Barak anti-aircraft missile system (SAM), as well as related equipment. The total transaction value is 4.6 billion rupees (almost 72 million US dollars).

“These missiles belong to the “ground-to-air” class, they are used on sea-based sea-launched missiles to defeat anti-ship missiles”, – the military department noted.