Ukrainian armored vehicles “Kozak-2” go into the army

Ukrainian army replenished with a dozen new armored cars.

On November 2, 2017, the portal reported that the scientific and production association “Praktika” handed over the first batch of MRAP class vehicles to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Ukrainian armored vehicles «Kozak-2»

The first batch includes ten Kozak-2 armored vehicles. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports that these are the first MRAP vehicles produced for the Ukrainian army. Previously, the Kozak-2 machines were already supplied to the National Guard and the State Border Service of Ukraine.

In recent years, many armies of the world are actively buying cars such as MRAP (mine resistant ambush protected – protected from undermining and attacks from ambushes). Such machines have armor, capable of withstanding the fire of small and medium-sized firearms, and also protect the crew from blasting mines and landmines through the V-shaped bottom.

The armored car “Kozak-2” is produced serially from July 2015, to date, about 100 units have been assembled. In March of this year, by order of the Ministry of Defense No. 158 Kozak-2 was adopted by the Ukrainian army.

The weight of the armored vehicle, built on the all-wheel drive chassis of Iveco Eurocargo, is 15 tons.

The length (depending on the modification) is from 6.6 to 7.1 m.

The car can accommodate up to ten people.

The power of the diesel engine is 280 liters.

The ballistic protection of the machine is declared at the level STANAG level 2, explosion protection – STANAG level 2a, 2b.