Military servicemen of Russia armed with protected mobile phones

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To Army commanders of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, admitted to documents of “special importance” (PS (poisonous substances), the highest category of secrecy in Russia), began to issue domestic protected mobile phones. Devices worth 115 thousand rubles allow through civilian cellular networks, including from abroad, to go to the encrypted lines of military communications of the Russian Federation, the “Izvestia” newspaper reports.

According to the publication, these devices fully justify their high cost – operational secret communications will allow more effective control of troops. The limit of expenses for such negotiations is determined by the Ministry of Defense at 24 million rubles a year.

As “Izvestia” was told by the Ministry of Defense, in late 2017, the M-663S Atlas protected phones, manufactured by the Atlas Scientific and Technical Center, were issued to the officers of the key command of combined arms armies and brigades. The hardware and operating system of these devices are completely Russian.

M-633C – development of commercial model of GSM-phone SMP-ATLAS / 2. In military execution, they became more protected from physical influence. The product is made in a metal-plastic case, with a sapphire crystal and a shock-resistant rubber cover. The device is equipped with a color display and an MP3 player.

At the request of the customer, the mobile phone should operate at temperatures from minus 20 to plus 50 degrees. After a half-hour immersion in water at a meter depth, he will continue to receive calls. The apparatus weighs 130 g.

The phones are equipped with hardware cryptographic protection of voice information – they have a special unit, which encrypts signal. The device works in usual GSM networks with SIM-cards of “Megaphone”, since only this operator has a license of NTC “Atlas” for encrypted communication. Only the voice channel is protected, but not SMS and other types of data transmission. In the case of remote activation of the loss mode through the cellular network, the device provides an emergency deletion of the encryption keys.

The new model of the phone is produced in a limited lot – about a hundred pieces per year, so each copy is collected manually. Execution of order for each apparatus must be waited about four months. The most expensive part is the encryption module and special software.