Production of NATO standards ammunition has begun in Ukraine.

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Press-service of “Ukroboronprom” reports about essential changes in work of production line of the “Impulse” factory (Ukraine). We are talking about the Shostkinsky enterprise, which is goes on to product ammunition of NATO standards jointly with the enterprise “Kuznitsa na Rybatskom”. There is the PGOF-40 ammunition of 40 calibers for automatic grenade launcher.

From the statement of the head of enterprise Yevgeniy Chernov: For the first time in Ukraine serial production of 40 mm ammunition for automatic grenade launcher was mastered and started  in cooperation with “Kuznitsa na Rybatskom”.  Now we are working on increasing of the output volumes of ammunition by the way of mechanization of production and introduction of new instruments. While, in the main, the compilation of such ammunition is a manual work.

Ammunitions PGOF-40 have fragmentation-high-explosive action. Size of grenade 40x53mm – Nato standard for this type of ammunition. It is noted, that in contrast to the 30-mm grenades, ammunition of NATO’s caliber has more power and respectively , more dispersion of fragmentation.

Also for automatic grenade launcher Shostkinsky plant produces inert ammunitions PGI-40, used for ranging of launcher and training of servicemen.

From the messages of press-service:

Shostkinsky official plant Impulse, which is the part of State Corporation “Ukroboronprom”, is the unique enterprise for Ukraine and one of the few in the whole world, which is in closed cycle produces detonators, capsules and other elements for various types of ammunition, from the conventional cartridges to the elements of long-range missiles of “ground-ground” type.

Transition to the production of  NATO standards’ ammunition is the one of stages of  big military-industrial reform, which is called upon to lead the Ukraine to the NATO’s arms and ammunition market.