Reducing the weight of the MT-LB armored personnel carrier will allow to install additional protection

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The modernization of the MT-LB floating armored vehicle, prepared within the framework of the state defense order, will facilitate it by 800 kg, which will allow the installation of additional armor. This was told by a representative of the Russian plant “Remdizel”.

According to him, “Remdizel” is upgrading the MT-LB to increase the power and controllability of the car, as well as to reduce weight, primarily by installing a new KamAZ-740.50 engine. “The power is increased to 360 horsepower, and the total weight of the armored personnel carrier will decrease by 500 kg”, the company representative said.

In addition, the installed hydro mechanical rotation box will allow changing the direction of the machine on all gears with a controlled radius of the trajectory.

“Also, modernization involves the installation of caterpillars with a closed hinge which will lead to weight reduction of another 300 kg. As a result, the total weight of the machine will be reduced by 800 kg, which allows you to put additional armor and protect the machine”, were said at the plant.

MT-LB (light and armored multipurpose light tractor) was widely used in Soviet times as an armored personnel carrier, ambulance evacuation vehicle, a T-12 and MT-12 Rapier tractor, as well as a self-propelled mortar and antiaircraft self-propelled installation. MT-LB actively participated in the fighting in Afghanistan, as well as in military conflicts in the countries of the former USSR. MT-LB – floating armored vehicle, its movement on the water is carried out by rewinding the tracks. The transport and cargo department is at the rear of the machine and allows you to carry up to 2.5 tons of cargo or up to 11 people. On the basis of MT-LB, a whole family of combat vehicles was developed.


Source: https://военное.рф/2018/Модернизация24/