“Russian Helicopters” launches production of experienced Ka-226T Helicopters

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As part of the realization of the Ka-226T light multi-purpose helicopter project, the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant (U-UAP) of the “Russian Helicopters” holding company (part of the “Rostec” State Corporation) has launched production of prototype cars. In accordance with the plan, the company will manufacture three helicopters, two fuselages, as well as units that will be used for testing.

At the moment, U-UAP has completed the first stage of the production of the Ka-226T, completely completing the reconstruction of the site for the assembly of helicopters. The company has also developed a layout for placing the helicopter assembly line on the territory of the assembly plant. The development of documentation for manufacturing of tooling is continuing, on which further details/units and units of the helicopter will be manufactured. It is planned that in June 2018 the first details will be produced for blanking, stamping and mechanical assembly production.

“The project is being implemented in accordance with the plan. In the near future, the timing of delivery of ready-made machines and units to “Kamov” for testing will be determined. In addition, within the framework of cooperation of the holding’s enterprises, we decided to place individual parts of the helicopter at the Kumertau Aircraft Manufacturing Plant, – said the general director of the holding “Russian Helicopters” Andrey Boginsky.

The light multi-purpose helicopter Ka-226T with a bearing system made on a two-screw coaxial scheme has a maximum take-off weight of 3.6 tons, capable of carrying up to 1 ton of payload. The helicopter is equipped with a transport cabin, the design of which allows transportation of up to 6 people or modules equipped with special equipment. Improved flight performance of the Ka-226T, environmental friendliness, economy, modern avionics and additional solutions in the field of flight safety make this helicopter one of the best in its class.

The Ka-226T was the first car in the domestic helicopter industry, the development of which was completely carried out in the virtual space without the use of paper carriers. This allowed reducing the risks and costs by 2 times both for the development of the helicopter itself and for making changes in the subsequent modernization of the machine.


Source: https://vpk.name/news/217972_vertoletyi_rossii_zapustili_proizvodstvo__opyitnyih_vertoletov_ka226t.html